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„Innovationskunst" (the art of innovation) describes the skill of creating new ideas and inventions for their commercial use and using them in such a way that they are successful in the market and in society"

Innovationskunst: Our vision

"Innovationskunst" is already practised in many ways and with a long tradition in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region: at the global brands based in the region and the 150 medium-sized hidden champions, in the research institutions, in Medical Valley, at the region's universities or at international technology fairs. 21 universities, around 100,000 students and almost 50 R&D facilities in the Metropolitan region represent the "innovative base" with the special feature that the universities are not only to be found in the cities, but also in rural areas. The "Innovationskunst" initiative bundles these strengths of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region under one roof and makes the region's wealth of ideas and innovative strength visible.

Top value: Patents filed in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region

Patent applications are a strong indicator for innovations in companies, and the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region has a top value: measured in patents, the Metropolitan Region has twice the power of Germany. This means that, on average, twice as many patents are filed by companies in the Metropolitan Region - in relation to GDP, companies, inhabitants - as the German average. This is due, among other things, to the fact that the research institutes and application centres practice close cooperation between both the business and research communities and ensure an excellent environment for innovation. The Reuters ranking of the most innovative universities in Europe in 2019 also confirms the innovative power that emerges from the region: Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg is ranked second among the most innovative universities in Europe.


"The most innovative region for people who design the future by using technology."

Innovation from Nuremberg Metropolitan Region

Innovative strength is evident in the region, but is not yet seen to the full extent it deserves. For this reason, in 2018 the "Innovationskunst" initiative was founded by industrial companies and scientific institutions in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region. The initiative aims to show what the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region stands for from an industrial and scientific point of view and how strong the region's power of invention and industrial-scientific excellence are.

So, the result was a joint vision

The Nuremberg Metropolitan Region is known as the most innovative region in Germany and is a magnet for all those who want to create the future by using technology.

Technology-minded students and professionals of all disciplines from Germany and abroad come to the region to realise their professional goals, to enjoy a high quality of life and to be able to work, research and live in perfect surroundings among peers. 

The initiative has developed a common profile and bundled it in the term "Innovationskunst". This expresses: The region is characterised by innovation and inventiveness from the very first idea to its commercialisation and attracts people who want to create the future by using technology. 

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