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#INNOHubs @Nuremberg Metropolitan Region

The Nuremberg Metropolitan Region offers ideal conditions for taking full advantage of professional opportunities. Our global players & hidden champions offer the best foundations for this, but it is above all our scientists and workers who shape the innovative landscape of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region. The #INNOHubs present an entire network of laboratories, competence centers, workshops and think tanks as well as the technological and scientific work that takes place there. The focus is particularly on the people who work, research and develop there as a team - because the future is best shaped together.

From Baumüller to Siemens, employees, trainees or students give an insight into their daily work or an overview of the equipment in the laboratories and workshops and show how and what is being worked on in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region.


„Germany's most innovative region, for those who want to design the future with technology“


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