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Innovative marine electrification solutions

From drive systems to fast charging infrastructure – Baumüller offers impressive, practical solutions for ships and ports.

Baumüller has continued to develop products and systems for the shipping industry over many years and is now one of the leading suppliers of modern ship drive systems and marine solutions. With its wide range of products and services, from motors, converters, and control units to charging systems, diagnostic software, and links to battery management systems and fuel cells, Baumüller is well established in the smart shipping sector. The marine portfolio is supplemented by a variety of new products such as the BAS-PCS power management system and the BAS-Link DC-Grid power distribution platform, both of which offer clear efficiency advantages. Baumüller is also applying its engineering expertise to its range of charging infrastructure products with a customized system architecture.  

All marine solutions are offered not only as original equipment, but also as retrofits. Comprehensive services for maximum runtimes and smooth operation round off the marine portfolio.

Fully electric, hybrid, and parallel hybrid drive systems to increase efficiency

For electric ships with battery-powered electric motors, hybrid drives for e-fuel generators with electric motors and parallel hybrid ship drives with synchronous electric and main motors, Baumüller handles all the engineering for propulsion and power generation: generators, drives for propellers and bow thrusters, the power distribution system, and on-board power generation. Components are used that are specially designed for use in the marine sector.

The intelligent power management system BAS-PCS controls all types of power generation with a view to efficiency

The BAS-PCS software programmed by Baumüller controls, among other things, demand-actuated power output of the units in the drive system. The software is suitable for various technologies such as generators, batteries, and fuel cells as well as for different fuels such as methanol, e-fuels, or diesel. BAS-PCS administers the energy requirements not only for fossil fuels but also for e-fuels and combinations of these.

The intelligent power management system adjusts the energy supply, such as the speed of the generators, to ensure that exactly the right amount of energy is generated for the ship’s current needs. This means that the vessel, for example, at moderate cruising speed, is driven by only one generator. If a faster speed is necessary or the vessel has to maneuver, the second generator is switched on automatically within seconds. The software controls the activation of the second motor at a speed that does not require two motors running permanently, so a redundant system is not required. With the help of the BAS-PCS power management systems, ships can be authorized to keep only one unit running during operation. This can save fuel. If the maximum power is necessary quickly in emergency situations, this is identified by the system and is made available.

BAS-Link DC-Grid: Energy distribution platform for efficient energy supply

The BAS-Link DC-Grid energy distribution platform from Baumüller enables intelligent interaction between different consumers and energy sources on the basis of a common DC link. By integrating different types of energy generation, such as fuel cells, an efficient energy supply can be achieved on board for both the drive system and the on-board power consumers. This not only saves costs, but also weight and space. The energy consumption is controlled from a DC link and supports both centralized and decentralized systems.

Another advantage of the system platform is its functional structure. Failure of the energy supply is minimized by mounting the DC link in two independent distribution circuits. In normal operation, these are interconnected. If an error occurs in one part of the link supply, it is automatically switched off. The two self-sufficient circuits then make it possible to continue operating the non-defective part.

Charging systems for ships and ports: flexibility in charging technology and performance

The hybridization and electrification of ships is also accompanied by a demand for high-performance charging infrastructure. Baumüller closes the gap between the drive system and the charging station and offers the complete charging technology, not only for fast charging systems but also for the shore power. Ports with short power benefit twice over. With the sale of energy, they open up a new business model and reduce additional CO2 emissions and noise at the mooring place.

Baumüller demonstrates flexibility with its various charging solutions for hybrid and fully electric ships. A customized system architecture for fast charging is offered to suit the type of ship and the application. This ranges from autonomous telescopic charging via a charging crane to tappet charging systems and manual charging stations.

Baumüller is also flexible when it comes to the power requirements of the charging points and is not limited to predefined default values. This allows us to respond to the needs of customers on an individual basis. The range extends up to 5.6 MW. The fast charging stations can be equipped with CCS2 plugs, which enable both AC and DC charging.

Marine experts live on site

Baumüller’s marine experts will be available for personal consultation live at the following events.

  • Maritime Industry, Gorinchem (Netherlands), May 28-30, 2024, Stand L109
  • Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo, Amsterdam (Netherlands), Juni 18-20, 2024, Stand 9130
  • SMM, Hamburg (Germany), September 3-6, 2024, Hall A4 Stand 411

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© Baumüller | Drive systems to increase efficiency: Baumüller handles all the engineering for drive and power generation as well as supplying the appropriate hardware and software

© Baumüller | Saving energy: at moderate cruising speeds, the ship is operated with only one generator (left). If a faster speed is necessary, the second generator (on the right) is switched on automatically within seconds. The BAS-PCS software programmed by Baumüller controls the activation of the units with a view to efficiency

© Baumüller | Efficient and with a minimized risk of failure: The BAS-Link DC-Grid energy distribution platform integrates the various types of energy supply via an intermediate circuit and saves on weight, space, and costs. The functional structure of the system platform also minimizes the risk of failure of the power supply

© Baumüller | Charging infrastructure with maximum flexibility: Baumüller offers customized solutions for both the system architecture (a manual charging station is shown in the figure) and the power requirements

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